Advice for new salespeople


What are the benefits of a sales career? I graduated college with a degree in marketing but became a BDR for a company, so now I am not sure in which field I should go into.


Benefits will vary widely from one company and one industry to the next.

I have a lot of control of my daily schedule where I’m at now and I love it. When I have office work to do I can work from home or go into my companies local office to work. I get to chose what parts of my territory I make sales calls into on each day.

If my performance and numbers are great, it’s easy to wrap things up early on a Friday. The challenge with this much freedom is it requires one to develop self-discipline. Many people get lazy and don’t do their job well if they don’t have someone telling them what to do and when to do it.

I also love that I’m paid for my performance. I don’t have a salary as a ceiling to what I will earn each year. Depending on your compensation package, the floor could be little to no money as well. Learn about different ways sales people are compensated. Also, if you end up taking a commission based job get REALLY GOOD at personal finance. Salespeople who don’t manage their money well often have horrible attitudes during the slow months and it negatively effects their sales performance.


Obviously I’m biased, but an outside sales career is a blessing in disguise. Though you spend most of your time on the road and most of your salary is based on the success of your sales, the flexibility and freedom to work from home is extremely rewarding. Plus, most companies offer a company car, which is awesome.


You get to meet a lot of new people, establish connections, and just learn a lot while in a career in sales. Every day will be a different experience, so you will never be bored. A degree in marketing may even help you prospect for clients, which will give you an advantage in a sales job.


Honestly, I came out of college not expecting to be in sales too. But it was my company who actually recommended me to try out an SDR position and I found it really interesting. It’s very competitive and I liked that about it, plus as I got promoted into outside sales, it gave me a lot of freedom to create my own schedule. In a way, getting to outside sales is one of the most exciting jobs because there is rarely a day that is the same. I can even vouch that having marketing background is a bonus because I am able to get my message across better to my clients and prospects.


Looking to get into sales, how much do sales reps make?


Hey @andrew, that depends a lot on each company, but there’s most often a base salary + commission. Commission is really cool because you basically earn as what you work for, so it’s completely up to you on how much you make.


Hey Everyone! I have another question, what are some ways to create urgency in sales to get my prospects to quickly move forward?


Hi @georgia,
You want to listen closely to what your prospect is telling you. When they are hesitating, always remember to refocus on the problem that they are trying to solve.