Advice for a lot of work-related travel

Hey Badger Forum, I would love to hear some tips and tricks/advice from the people who are often on the road about how you organize everything and make your work life more enjoyable!

Definitely sign up for a mileage card and hotel reward system and choose a brand that has branches in the area where you’d most likely be traveling!

Try to prepare as much as possible prior to the trip! This includes:

  • routing: always add some buffer time as incidents/traffic jams/flight delays do happen and you don’t wanna be too late for your client meetings
  • if possible, try to arrive the night before rather than the same day as the meeting
  • have a dedicated laptop/phone charger and if necessary travel adaptor in your bag
  • always have a fresh kit (shower gel, deodorant, shaving kit) - also I buy normal as opposed to travel sizes b/c the latter finish super fast and I doubt it that you wanna deal with searching for drugstores around

Hope this helps!

I try to call home every night, or whenever possible. The worst part of being on the road is being so far away from friends and family, so to keep me sane I try to catch up with them as much as possible.

I travel a lot but mainly by car. Don’t underestimate the importance of your vehicle, because if you have to spend a lot of time inside of it (I get 25k+ annually), then it better be comfortable!