Admin assistant?


Has anyone ever tried an administrative assistant to help plan their days and meeting?


My team has a collective assistant that helps all of us with admin work, contracts, and expenses. She keeps busy with all of our side work but it makes it much easier for us to focus on the actual selling part of our job.


I think that it is harder for an assistant to do your admin work for you because they are not on the job themselves. Some things can be lost in communication and having an assistant input information on your behalf can affect your sales. I had an assistant passed on to me from previous management when I stepped into a new role and she was horrible, so I am not sure if an assistant for outside sales would help or hurt your workload.


Our team has an administrative assistant. We travel a lot for meeting outside of town so she organizes our flights, rental cars, accommodation etc. as well as helps with some bookkeeping questions. I definitely think that it could save a lot of time with organizational tasks like that. Of course, this depends a lot on how big your team is and what kind of tasks you would need to transfer to the assistant.


@kendrasrad Maybe your problem is just with a bad assistant. If you are really clear and use your CRM effectively, I think an admin assistant could work wonders for you. You don’t want to stress yourself out with busy work that could easily be done by someone else.

I suggest spending some time with your assistant to explain how you like your admin work done. If you go through exactly what you do and why you do it, it could help them understand the importance of their work. You could also give them simple tasks like data entry and expense reports for a couple of weeks and then slowly give them more important work.

The important thing here is to not give them a bunch of tasks without explanation and then get disappointed when they don’t succeed. Hope this helps!