How a Crisis Can Affect Sales Readiness

Maintaining sales readiness is especially tricky during a pandemic, as sales teams face unique challenges at each step of the buyer’s journey. Without adjusting to continue driving engagement, you’re at risk for miscommunication, lack of preparedness, disengaged reps, and damage to customer relationships.

There is an increase in the surge of meetings to communicate with the reps on a regular basis and to keep your team up-to-date on announcements, both sales-specific and org-wide. News on policy and process changes, competitors, and customers should be shared regularly so that reps remain informed. It has also made it difficult to keep a track of communications made and keep a follow up with the actions taken.

We have armory of tools to which helps to keep remote communication at ease, Marsview Notes, free productive tool which supplements all your Zoom meetings as a meeting assistant, it transcribes meeting notes automatically and at the end of the meeting shares a summary of meeting notes and chaptered highlights of the meeting that can shared with the team.