10 Reasons Closers Fail

While there may be many many reasons for failing to close, I’m going to identify and discuss what I consider the top 10 reasons salespeople are not successful in closing a transaction.

1)Pressure is perceived as a bad thing:

This closer, presenter, negotiator, mediator or whatever you call yourself has been taught that pressure and insistence is wrong, Ill-mannered, rude, and not appropriate. The salesperson or presenter is unwilling to be insistent, while it is important to have manners and be respectful to others this is incorrect data for getting what you want in life.

Being nice will not get you what you want in life but, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to have manners and you don’t want to be respectful or nice. As a child you were told many times you must learn to accept no, your parents told you this, right? Well…good for the parent but not good for the kid, right?

See it’s absolutely essential and vital to your survival that you push through this socialized be nice, have manners, accept a no mentality. You got to push through the socialization of just getting along with the masses of people. You need to push through to get what you want in life. Pushing through doesn’t mean not nice or Ill-mannered but rather you are sold on your product.

2)The unwillingness to deal with the emotional discomfort will prevent the close:

Most people are not willing to deal with the emotional discomfort that takes place between the NO and the YES and actively seek to avoid this at all costs. This retreat and desire not to experience emotional output is a retreat from life itself.

You must be willing to handle the emotional output from others in the negotiations. When it comes to the negotiations, agreements, decisions, and money people get emotional and most of it is emotional responses that have nothing to do with you or even your proposal. You have to be trained, drilled and rehearsed to make nothing of this emotional output.

You need to acknowledge and avoid getting emotional yourself. When a baby starts crying, do you start crying too?

3)Lack of belief in your purpose or in your product can prevent you from going all the way In the close:

This third reason happens to be the salesperson who doesn’t entirely believe in his or her product or service to push all the way through the close. You have to believe at a very deep level, you must believe at a deeper level than they believe.

People that sell every day lose this over time, this persistence and passion to push the buyer all the way through the yes. You must be sold yourself, the most important sale you will ever make is the sale to yourself. This passion and belief must be continually rehabilitated in order to keep this insistence factor up in you. He who is most passionate, most consistent, and most sold will be the one to do the most selling. If you are not sold or convinced you will BE sold and convinced to not close the deal

4)An incorrect estimation of effort will prevent the close

People do not have a correct estimation of effort that is required to achieve a close. This is what happens to people in all kinds of careers. Any human who tries to accomplish a goal will underestimate the effort required. The inability to correctly assess the amount of energy and effort that is needed to get somewhere is a huge outpoint of the seeker.

The result is someone who is not prepared emotionally, physically or technically to generate the correct effort in order to get the mission accomplished. You must constantly train for more knowledge, think of it like this, if your goal is to lift 5lbs, and you only train to be able to lift 5 pounds most of the time you won’t even be able to do it. If something like not feeling good comes in the way you just will not be able to do it.

- Real-life always seems to alter the lab tests

If you had trained to lift 30lbs, then there is no challenge in the world that could come up that’s stopping you from lifting 5!

5)Being reasonable can prevent a close

This is a human condition that seems to have perpetuated our entire society over the years, encouraging you to settle, to be happy, to take it easy and to be satisfied. It promotes the
“Hey what’s wrong, lets do it tomorrow” mentality. The urgency to complete as a daily habit is something that is missing in our society today.

The individual only becomes urgent when his survival is threatened and at this point, it’s too late. The close is just the last step of a cycle of actions involved in selling, presenting, proposing, and negotiating. It is no different to how bagging the grass and bring it to the street is the last cycle of mowing the lawn. until something is completed it is not done.

The more I complete, the more I complete
and the more I complete the more I can complete new things
the less I complete, finish and close the less I can complete
and therefore reduce my willingness to start new projects.

Salespeople with unclosed deals are punished more than they know and watch someone get less and less ambitious and more and more deals do not close. Why? All these unclosed cycles.
get in the habit of approaching everything with a sense of completion and urgency to complete

Never be reasonable with TIME.

This discipline is critical to mounting up sale after sale and one that is understood by the heavy hitters. Complete every action once started, do it as fast as you can and then go and do another task. The same with closing deals.

Do not put off what you can close today.

6)No financial plan in place: that can prevent the close

They operate without a real financial plan; therefore, they lack the proper motivation and lack the motivation to close each deal. I am not talking about being able to close here, I’m talking about understanding the importance of each close, regardless of size. Without a proper financial plan and an understanding of what it takes to get there, the motivation to close will not be there.

Here’s a fact: when you’re just working to make some else’s dream come true, meaning you work In a company and you’re just selling for the sake of selling, you’ll lack the motivation to close. On the other hand, if you’re working for that same company but your motivation is to, make $100,000 or to buy a house, or a new car, or to use the money you’re making to invest somewhere, your motivation is present. You can then become a great closer. If you want to make sure you can handle every situation that comes your way, make sure your family will be taken care of, then you can be a great closer.

People underestimate how much it takes to truly takes to secure financial freedom, people are reasonable when it comes to this area of financial planning. Many people have a hard time closing because they don’t have the correct motivation to do the things that are uncomfortable.

Just paying your bills will never cause you to be a great closer because the meaning isn’t reason enough for YOU.

The best closers I know do not do it for profit, they do it for purpose. They have their purpose correctly aligned.

7)Incorrectly handling an objection can definitely stop a close

This is a purely technical issue, that can easily be handled by someone who is willing to put in the time and practice in how to handle all the situations a closer can experience. It is said that whatever you put your attention on will get the results. So put your attention on solutions to get solutions. Learn how to manage objections here

8)Handling objections that are only a complaint is another way to stop a close

On a similar but very different note, many salespeople have unfortunately been tough to handle objections that aren’t objections, but just merely complaints.

You should treat every objection as a complaint first until further validated. Do not handle an objection as an objection, handle it as a complaint. Most of the time the closer is handling a complaint that never required more than

I understand

When you handle a complaint like “Hey Jason, the price is too high”

and you treat it as an objection and validate it you then turn it into more than it was, a complaint. Just because someone said the price was too high does not mean they won’t buy it. The proof of this is simple; how many times have you said this is too much money and purchased it anyway?

So was that a complaint or an objection you had? It was a complaint!

The more you validate a complaint and handle it, the more real and solid it appears to everyone. So the trick is as I said above, treat every complaint as just that, a complaint. Until further validated as a real objection.

if it is a legitimate objection, you will know soon enough.

9)A lack of closing material will stop the close

Due to a lack of closing material and technique salespeople are unable to persist in the close. The rare ones, the closers, they have an arsenal of closes available that are memorized, that is imprinted in their minds. And are able to wield them with ease when at war.

A great closer does not try to manipulate or engage in deception, these people are what give the rest of us a bad name. A great closer allows the customer to make a logical decision that will provide them a 10x multiple on the price they are paying. A great closer sells products, ideas or services that will make give the customer, whether it be a person or business a massive value add.

10)An incorrect barrier can make you blinded to the correct reasons you failed to close

If you identify the incorrect barrier, you could blind yourself to the reason you failed to close a deal. Salespeople incorrectly think that customers are the reason they didn’t close a deal. When the reality is the salesperson in actuality is the only barrier that exists in the close.

Let me rephrase that

The closer is the only and ultimate barrier to the close, it is never ever anything else.

“No matter where you go, there you are.”

The things that happen to me, happen to me BECAUSE of me and my beliefs.
It is not happening TO me. If you could live with this in your life and understand that if you’re not getting a close it’s because of you, not of them.

Understanding this will raise your responsibility level and force you to take action because you can take responsibility for the result!

It’s not them any longer doing something to me, it’s me that’s doing something that’s causing them to do something. At least I can do something about that if it’s about me!

I assure you whatever is happening in your life, and in the close is happening to you because of you. As hard as that might be to swallow it is a fact. For the next week, you should write down every objection you get and then I want you to see how many of those you use In your own life. You will see that I am right here, I guarantee you that if you do this, you will find some similarities between what you hear in a close, and what you say daily.

you will be amazed at the connection between the objections you’re getting and the beliefs and ideas and thoughts that you maintain in your own life.